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1st & Cedar Building
Seattle, WA

MBB Architects designed the 6-story, First and Cedar Building on the Northwest corner of First Avenue at Cedar Street. The building is a concrete shear wall structure free of interior columns. The building maintains the elements of human scale and personal service. Exterior features include low maintenance precast concrete and a unique window wall that incorporates skylights on each level. The 60,000 square foot mixed-use facility includes street level retail bank with adjacent customer parking, alley level tenant parking, top level full-service view restaurant and lounge, and three intermediate levels of general office space. The typical floor has 9,620 square feet of rentable area. The entire Seattle waterfront, Public market, shops and restaurants, are within walking distance along with the Seattle Center. 

Undersea Warfare
Engineering Center
NUWES, Keyport, WA

Design of a 75,000 SF ductile moment steel frame structure with pre-cast concrete wall panels to house a sophisticated state of the art engineering computer center for undersea warfare testing/computer processing and engineering analysis of test data associated with undersea weapons for the U.S. Navy’s submarine program. Project includes 13,000 SF of raised computer access floor, extensive computer library storage system, electronic laboratories and office space with range support services for designated undersea warfare programs. This facility was designed to allow for flexibility and ease in relocating and expanding computer systems when the need arises.

  • Open office plan and ribbon windows provide view out from anywhere on the acre-size floor

  • Large briefing classroom and conference rooms of various sizes

  • Heat gain controlled through a combination of overhangs, integral vertical sun shade fins, reflective and low-E coatings

  • Main frame computer data center with access floor


FEMA Lease Space
Lynwood, WA

MBB completed interviews and space planning resulting in Organizational Analysis of the clients’ needs, Programming Report, Schematic Space Plans and Design Intent Drawings which were then handed over to the preselected Lessor. The Lease Space was 15,069 SF of usable office space to support three FEMA Divisions in their entirety. Joining these Divisions was a portion of the Management Division and a suite of offices for the Regional Administrator. The majority of the personnel are housed in cubicles with the exception of private offices for Division Directors and Branch chiefs. Support spaces include conference rooms, a break room, storage and file rooms, IT Workroom, and the Switch/Server room.

  • Organizational Analysis (interviews)

  • Programming Report

  • Design Intent Drawings

  • Color Boards

  • Remodel of Existing Building

  • AT/FP & Security Features

  • Construction Support Services (CSS)


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FEMA Headquarters - RRCC PreDesign - DHS FEMA Region X HQ, Bothell, Washington (2009)

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