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Scott Baumler

Principal, Registered Architect in WA

Scott has over forty years of experience in a wide variety of private, governmental and institutional projects. Scott graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Design (architecture) and from University of Washington with a Master of Architecture.  Through the ROTC program, he received a commission as an officer in the US Air Force, resigning in 1984 at the rank of Captain.

He has both educational and work experience in the preparation of urban design and planning studies and has accumulated extensive work within both the private and public sectors. This background provides him with an in-depth knowledge of the current codes, including building, zoning, fire, health, energy, and barrier-free regulations as well as expertise in all types of construction and materials. Scott joined Mandeville Berge Box in 1977 and was the project designer on the Bay Vista Tower constructed in 1982. He has guided projects through complex environmental and design review processes involving several regulatory agencies and public hearings. Prior to starting at MBB Scott was employed as a Planner in the King County Planning Division, his responsibilities included research, policy development, project review and interaction with the public. He has been a member of value engineering review teams on over 10 public projects. He became a partner at MBB in 1989 and now is the managing principal at the firm.Scott cultivates a love for travel, skiing and volleyball.  He has managed the non-profit Architects/Engineers Volleyball League in Seattle since 1978 which now has over 1300 participants annually. He also founded Cascade Junior Volleyball Club where he acted as director and president from 1999 to 2011. 

Paul Benton

Afiliated Principal, Registered Architect in CA & ME. NCARB certified (all other states available)

Paul has over 32 years’ experience in a broad range of government, research, academic, and institutional projects.  Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from MIT and a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.

Paul has been able to focus on the specialized needs of structures and facilities, including high-performance climate control and specific environmental controls for research and medical facilities, as well as hospitality and entertainment.  With clients including major universities, among them the University of California, and local land development applications involving California and federal regulations, Paul has a depth of knowledge in presentations to the various regulatory agencies and in finding solutions to apparent conflicts and often-demanding standards.

Anita Herrick

Affiliated Principal, Registered Architect in AZ

Anita brings over 31 years’ experience in a broad range of government, medical, academic, commercial and institutional projects.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Design from the University of Washington, College of Architecture and Urban Planning.  Her academic career explored the technical side of architecture by adding engineering courses to her Architectural major, often taking 19-21 credits per quarter. 

Anita became a registered Architect (Arizona) in 1987.  Her primary focus is creating job specific specifications, writing contracts, and reviewing construction documents for code compliance.  Her knowledge of contracts, codes, construction techniques, and building materials is deep.  Anita offers a practical, common sense approach to solving the unique problems construction projects face, adapting to changes in scope, tight budgets and difficult schedules as needed. 

Anita has served as an officer on several non-profit boards.  Currently, she is serving on the Phoenix Mountain Preservation Council (PMPC) Board.  Her work with PMPC is to educate the public and protect the natural flora and fauna present in the preserves. 

Curt Cooper

Afiliated Principal, Registered Architect in WA

With over 35 years of experience in the project management, construction management, real estate, engineering and architecture fields, Curt has collaborated with public agencies, developers and contractors managing commercial, retail, labs, technology, mixed-use and residential projects.


Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Curt has expertise which includes managing the planning, requirements development, design, construction, and close-out phases for public capital improvement projects.

Curt provides solutions to meet the competing objectives in public procurement that often create tensions for those responsible for managing the solicitation processes for government agencies. Working with agencies he specializes in: obtaining the best price for goods, services, and construction; ensuring the selected vendor, contractor, or consultant is capable and will provide quality and timely goods and services; identifying the steps to take to ensure they conduct a transparent and fair process that does not favor any party over others; responding to business needs quickly, efficiently, and competently; and ensures they are in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and best practices for procurement.

Curt is a retired 30-year Navy Captain and is active in Veteran groups and has ongoing commitments to local non-profit organizations through leadership on boards and committees.



Jeanne Cichanski

Afiliated Principal, Interior Designer

Jeanne has been practicing commercial interior design for over forty years after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Washington.  She is also an artist and teacher of painting, arts and crafts.
Her award winning projects include City Halls, community centers, Embassies, and Military facilities;  offices, schools and technical work spaces;  hospitals, clinics and medical office buildings;  golf course clubhouses and restaurants;  hotels, dormitories and assisted living facilities;  historic neighborhood and theater restoration;  museums and residential design throughout the Pacific Rim.

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