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Aviation Phys. Training Unit (1994)
Dormitory 572 (1995)
VA 4th Floor MICU/CCU Remodel (2013)
Upgrade Building 220 (2019)
1980 - 1990
Bay Vista (1980)
Cordova Community Hospital (1984)
Keyport Engineering Center (1986)
Magellan Inn Renovation (1990)
1st & Cedar (1970)
Doubletree Hotel (1973)
McChord AFB Flight Simulator (1975)
Logan Building (1957)
First Presbyterian Church (1959)
Sunset West Apartments (1962)
Centralia Hospital Collage (1967)



Established in 1957, MBB ARCHITECTURE is a Seattle-based design firm specializing in professional architectural, planning, estimating, and interior design services for a variety of clients. For over fifty years, we have delivered these services not only in the State of Washington but throughout the United States and the Pacific Islands.

Our Founding Partners

Gilbert Harrison Mandeville

Gilbert grew up on the east coast,  his academic background and focus was in engineering and business administration. He studied at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Columbia University, New York University, and Brown University and earned and engineering degree from Seattle University. His early professional experience was related to projects involving public utilities and major military installations in Alaska.


Prior to establishing Mandeville and Berge in partnership with Gudmund Berge, Gilbert managed the West Coast Operations of the Leo A. Daly Company where he served as executive director and vice-president in charged of military, commercial and industrial projects. During the 1960’s, Mandeville served on Seattle Planning Commission (chair from 1960-1962) and the Puget Sound Regional Planning Council. 


Gilbert was a man of few commitments: civil engineering, children, skiing; but those commitments ran deep, extending throughout his 85 years of life.

Gudmund Brynjulv Berge
(1926- 2018)

Gudmund was of Norwegian ancestry, but born and raised in Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1950 and obtained his Architecture License a month later. In 1954 he established a design practice. In 1957 he entered into a partnership with Gilbert Mandeville. The firm provided both architectural and engineering services with Berge serving as its lead architectural designer and Mandeville as its lead engineer. The Logan Building, where our offices  are currently located, was the first major project undertaken by Gudmund as the lead architectural designer.


The street level tenant at the Logan Building, National Bank of Commerce, (later Rainier Bank) became a continuing client of ours. We designed 38 new branch banks throughout Washington for them over the next 25 years. Other projects include: several office buildings in Seattle area, one in Olympia; Sheraton Hotel in Spokane; Sunset West condominiums at Shilshole Bay; Chapel and educational wing, at Seattle First Presbyterian Church; Bay Vista Tower, a mixed use facility with residential condominiums, offices, retail and parking, in Seattle; as well as various projects at military facilities including: Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Center; Adak Naval Station CDAA building addition; Shemya AFB housing for enlisted personnel.


After Gudmund’s retirement from MBB in 1991, he and his wife Shirley, continued traveling throughout the world as they had done before. He took up golf since he had never had the time to do it before, and began doing watercolors again after a hiatus of many years. His beloved wife passed away in 2013, and he passed away at 90 in June of 2018

Duane Herbert Box

Our firm recently suffered the loss of Duane who passed away on March 29, 2015. Duane was born and raised in Zillah, Washington. Following his graduation from Washington State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering he started his own practice in the Yakima Valley where he designed several commercial buildings and numerous residences. In order to broaden his experience in industrial and commercial work, he joined the staff of Boeing Airplane Company's Plant Facilities Engineering Department where he was in direct contact with an active construction program. 


He joined the firm in 1958 adding the second “B” to MBB’s name and since then he accumulated a legacy of 57 years of great work and happy memories. He held active licenses in 9 States, including the NCARB Certification and Oregon's oldest active architectural license. At MBB he scheduled each phase of a job, coordinating with all disciplines for the entirety of the project.  Some of Duane's early projects include the Medosweet Dairy Plan, the Midvalley Hospital in Omak (WA), the Riverton General Hospital as well as various U.S. Air Force Squadron Operations Facilities and Flight Simulators throughout the west coast.


Duane lived a long and rich life full of memories from his serving years in the military as well as many career accomplishments. He was a devoted father and husband, and loved to personally do his own home improvement projects. He was a passionate Seahawks fan.

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